Urgent Care is a burgeoning industry with many great reasons for providers to begin or transition into a this arena.  We believe this course is the starting point for beginning such a career.  We have drilled down the information to the most common conditions seen in the Urgent Care setting.  This allows new and transitioning providers to have the requisite skills to begin this new and exciting career on the first day of employment.

The Course was created with purpose and knowledge.  There are very few resources to assist someone new in this field to be prepared beginning right away.  Further, the education for new providers can be overwhelming.  The drill down of this course is to provide a way to prepare for the MOST COMMON CONDITIONS.  This is where we believe all providers will benefit since there are ONLY 6 hours of mainstreamed quality videos preparing any Doctor, NP, or PA to be ready.

Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time learning every possible condition that exists, we encourage people start with the common conditions.


We are very excited about this course and wish anyone who has decided to pursue a career in Urgent Care the best.  SO, let’s get started.