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“The first job that I took as a nurse practitioner was at an urgent care center. I relied heavily on guidelines and phone calls to my collaborating doctor to get me through the first few months of my new career. What I could not find was a clear, concise course that identified the most commonly seen and treated diseases at an urgent care center. The Urgent Care Crash Course is exactly that. It focuses on the most commonly seen complaints, focused assessments, and common treatment plans across all systems. Most helpful, it identifies the red flags of these conditions and when to direct the patient to a higher level of care. Thank you, Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, for putting this course together. I recommend it for anyone starting a new career in urgent care.”

Caitlin Vainojoe Krichman, FNP (verified owner)

I made the transition from working in the Emergency Room to Urgent Care. I found this course to be a huge help to ready myself for the most common conditions I would be seeing in the Urgent Care World. Further, this course delivered excellent content which opened my eyes to some new treatments. Additionally, it is a great resource to review treatments and the updates for treatments. Medicine is always in flux and this course offers the most up to date information available. I find myself logging back in on a regular to review the material as there is a wealth of information. I would certainly recommend this course to any friends, family or other medical professionals.”

Joseph Murphy, PA (verified owner)

Urgent Care Crash Course offers an accessible quick review of relevant topics essential when evaluating Urgent Care patients. I love the fact that it is broken down into manageable chunks that can be easily viewed while commuting on the train or bus. Each lecture topic includes a concise overview, diagnosis, treatment and red flags. You can easily go through this entire course and be ready to hit the ground running over the course of a long weekend. I highly recommend this crash course for any clinician interested in transitioning to a position in Urgent Care.

Colleen Eng, DO, Family Physician (Columbia Health) (verified owner)

Urgent Care Crash Course has helped me begin my career as an urgent care Nurse Practitioner. As a new graduate, I was nervous in what to expect in starting my new career, and wondered what illnesses are seen in the urgent care setting. This course has helped me to prepare for many of the common illnesses we see every day. This course makes providers see the whole picture of the patient’s signs and symptoms and includes topics such as but not limited to: chest pain, palpitations, asthma, pneumonia, musculoskeletal injuries, acute abdomen, neurological issues, concussions, dermatology, ENT disorders, depression and anxiety, UTI, STD’s and cultural and ethical discussion. It was a simplified version of the most important aspects of each of the body systems. It focused on red flags, and signs and symptoms the patient may have to alert us as providers something is unusual and out of the ordinary, and something may be seriously wrong. It highlights when it is necessary to refer and seek help from specialists for further treatment and care. This course gave me the confidence I needed to treat my patients with the best care they could possibly receive. A huge thank you to Dr. Mary Ann Yehl for such a wonderful course! Highly recommended for anyone going into the urgent care setting!

Shannon Wanless, FNP (verified owner)

Mary Ann has created this course that covers the most common and important medical conditions in Urgent Care. The material is succint and a great resource for any medical providers considering a career in Urgent Care. Further, the course provides clear recommendations when patients present with a need for a higher level of care. The videos point out the red flags in the dangerous situations. I unequivocally recommend this course.

Tamara O’Dell, DO (verified owner)

I have known Mary Ann for years. I am working in an ER in South Carolina. Mary Ann requested I review the content of her course. After my review, I must say this course is an excellent resource for anyone considering a move into Urgent Care. It covers the Nuts and Bolts of what medical providers will need to know walking into the Urgent Care setting on their first day. Mary Ann has always been diligent and this course is no exception. Great job Mary Ann.

Lindsay Tjiattas-Salewski, DO, MBA, Board Certified ER (verified owner)

“Great course!! Very helpful. I bought this course after working in Orthopedics for a bit and now transitioning to Urgent care. Course has a good pace and identifies the common diagnoses seen in urgent care as well as the red flags to remember. The course is very effective and hits on the appropriate topics and uses/ reviews evidence based medicine best practices. Overall, I am very happy with course and would recommend!! Thanks.”

Brian Grier, PA-C (verified owner)

“This was a very helpful review. It helped me transition from Decades of primary care to the urgent care world of medicine. The effectiveness of this course was validated in the the weeks of Urgent care service I completed after I finished the course. I think the genius of this course is in the carful selection of pathology and perfect pace of the on-line instruction. I actually enjoyed the course. Even better that it was a value-priced. Thank you.”

Dr. Steve Sittnick, DO (verified owner)

“Very helpful. Thorough review. I am starting a new position as an NP in retail health. I have been in a very specialized field for 2 years and I think that this course provides good information to make this transition with confidence. Thanks UCCC!”

Shannon Scott, APRN (verified owner)

“This course has been a godsend for me ( a new graduate fnp) in an urgent care. I had a friend recommend the course to me after I stated that I did not feel knowledgable in an urgent care. This course Is teaching me the fundamentals of how to treat some of the most common urgent care patients that I have been having difficulty treating. Can not recommend it enough. The outlines and audio are a great addition to anyone working in an urgent care setting. Please do not hesitate to purchase the review course. You will not regret it!”

Mike Fountain (verified owner)

“This course is very valuable to any new PA/NP grad who will be working in Urgent Care. The information is presented in a clear and concise manner, and treatment plans include the most common drugs used, as well as dosages. Although it does not go in depth in any one area, it definitely covers the “most common” conditions one will see in an Urgent Care setting. The “red flags” section is great to remind one of the major things to watch out for that may require more emergent care. Overall an enjoyable and worthwhile course. Thank you!”

David VandeBrunte (verified owner)

“I truly was skeptical about this course when I purchased it. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I have moved into a family practice/walk in clinic as an nurse practitioner from pain management, so I had to reprogram my brain. I used this and appreciated that this course drilled down the common problems seen in a clinic and the assessment that went along with it, with the treatment. I could not be more pleased with the purchase.”

Audra Turbeville, FNP-C (verified owner)