There are many live conferences that people attend including in the urgent care world.  However, why spend all the money on travel, hotel, food, and transportation.  This online conference offering is approved for Category 1 CME credit and covers what you need to learn about Urgent Care. 

Further, many professionals find themselves attending these conferences and picking between many irrelevant topics for meetings.  This course was designed specifically to cover what professionals will be handling on a daily basis in their career in Urgent care. This is not to say that a Urgent Care Conference may not benefit individuals but rather to simply state the cost of this program is much less and developed with the professionals day-to-day life in Urgent care in mind.

What will you see in Urgent Care as a Professional?  What will your day look like?  How will you manage your days?

Whether you are a Doctor, NP, PA or other designated professional, this urgent care review course can be taken on your own time, at your own location, and for much less money than attending a conference.