INFLUENZA UPDATE 2018-2019 – A Stark Report

If you haven’t already heard, Bill Gates is predicting upwards of 33 million people could die from the flu in 6 months.  This is a staggering number considering modern medicine.

What is happening and why the change?

  1. The globalized world. People are traveling from all crevices of the earth’s surface causing a spread.  Travel on airplanes is a major cause for flu spread.  The cabin filters are unable to withstand the virus and the air is recycled.

What is new with the flu this year?

             The nasal live virus flu vaccine has been put on the market again making 2 options for some patients. To qualify for the live intranasal vaccine, you must be between 2 years old- 49 years old with no disqualifying medical conditions.

Does the Vaccine give you the flu?

             No, no and no. When do people get the flu, from October to March generally? The likelihood of a person being exposed to any virus at the same time period they received he vaccine is high.  When a person receives the intranasal live virus, it can be a slightly different story. The virus is live but weak, so a person could experience extremely mild symptoms, but most do not and it is not contagious.

Spread the word with these Tips to protect yourself (and Others):

  1. Frequently wash hands

  2. Do not share drinks or use water fountains

  3. Keep hand sanitizer to use for hands and body when unable to wash and around large groups.

  4. Avoid contact with others exhibiting symptoms

  5. Eat a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise regularly to keep your immune system at its best.