The Starting Point for a Career in Urgent Care

Avoid the Overwhelm: Learn what you need to know on your first day. We have the most complete and detailed Evidence Based Material for the most common conditions seen daily by providers in Urgent Care.

What Else? This Course was designed by Dr. Yehl, a well recognized and national speaker in the field of Urgent Care.

Urgent Care Crash Course is loaded with useful, functional Video Tutorials that allow providers to quickly and easily get up to speed on diagnoses and treatments. But that’s not all, when you buy our course you will also get the knowledge necessary to begin your career on a high note!

  • Videos available at any time from any device!
  • Awesome content to deliver the material necessary for new providers and Urgent Care Operations.
Dr. Mary Ann Yehl

Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, Board Member of the Urgent Care College of Physicians

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Amazing Course To Build An Awesome Career

  • Get ready for your career with a MANAGEABLE 6 hours of training!
  • Alleviate the Overwhelm of Voluminous Material (Dr. Yehl has drilled it down for you)!
  • Amazing Evidence Based material will assist new providers to PROPERLY diagnose and treat patients!
  • Be prepared for the RED FLAGS when patients present!
  • Obtain required CME Credit for taking the Course – US and Canada!
  • Focus on the MOST COMMON CONDITIONS seen daily in the Urgent Care!
  • Training Videos of 11 Critical Subjects in Urgent Care, plus 2 bonus videos!


AND you can do this on your own time, in your own environment, and from any device!

If you are a provider entering the the world of Urgent Care you will be ready to enhance the beginning of your career by joining us in this course!

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What Else? Urgent Care Owners!

If you are in the process of hiring new medical providers this course is a must have. Get your providers up to speed quickly and operate more efficiently.This CME Approved Preparatory Course will:

  • Save the organization time and money in training
  • Create competent providers beginning on Day 1
  • Alleviate long wait times
  • Make patients happy with fast, effective and efficient care