Have your medical providers ready to begin on Day 1!

The purpose of this course will get your new providers up and running faster than any other approach.  This course is specifically designed to provide the new employees with the skill necessary to handle the common afflictions we see in Urgent Care.  The knowledge gained will allow the provider to focus on patient bedside manner along with medicine.  It will also teach the provider to be more efficient.

This will allow providers to see more patients and more patients equals more money.  Further, the competence gained from this program will allow the provider to show empathy to the patients as well.  This is all accomplished while keeping wait lines short which we know matters since we live in a world of immediate need.  Thus, the creation of Urgent Care to begin with.  In the Urgent Care environment, we understand that time equals money and patient satisfaction also equals money.

For the Doctors who wish to train each new provider, Dr. Yehl has been there and done that.  Her personal experience with the “shadowing approach” slowed her down.  She found she was spending too much time teaching and less time seeing patients.  So what is the resolution, have another provider working so the training can be completed?  Or is it to see less patients?  How much does this cost the Center if there are more people working or the Center is seeing less patients?

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This course is priced to create a win/win for the Organization and the medical professional.  We believe that through our program, providers will become more efficient beginning Day 1.

We have run through many scenarios in developing our pricing structure and believe that for the results we provide, we have reached a fair price point.  This course is designed to assist providers in obtaining relevant information to make them profitable on the first day of work.

Since this course covers the most common issues they will encounter, they will be more productive.  This will also allow them time to research the issues of the less obvious diagnosis.  What does this mean?  Having the ability and time to do a little research will provide a better patient experience.  What else?  It can lessen the likelihood of lawsuits.  What else?  It will build the reputation of the Organization which will create higher demand.  And patient satisfaction with short wait times will begin to grow the business.