Gain the confidence you need to begin a career in Urgent Care Today!  Or if you are new to Urgent Care, this Course is catered for you!


You can NOW FOCUS on improving your skills as a provider because you do not have to waste mental energy making tough decisions about what material is most important.  And what material will benefit you most in the Urgent Care Setting.  Dr. Yehl has already spent the time and energy creating this for you!!!

This course was developed by Dr. Yehl, who is a Physician in an Urgent Care Facility.  Dr. Yehl has a unique background and you can read more about her long road from RN, to NP/CNM, to DO by clicking here.

Dr. Yehl has amassed this knowledge through her many hours working in the Urgent Care setting.  Further, having trained new employees in her position, she knows what a new provider needs to succeed.  She designed this course to provide knowledge through a practical and understandable format.  She has committed her time and energy to develop these materials drawing from her life experiences in the Urgent Care Centers.  Take advantage of these course materials and reduce your time and stress in preparation by starting here!

Dr. Yehl is devoted to medicine and education which provided the fuel to form this Urgent Care primer.  She probably will not tell you, but she is well respected in her field and has lectured at many Conferences including the UCAOA National Urgent Care Conference in Chicago and Nashville.  She also lectured at the regional conference in Philadelphia in July 2016.  Please say hello to her if you see her at her lecture at the UCAOA National Conference in National Harbor in April 2017.

Well, if you are reading this, you are either committed or considering entering the world of Urgent Care.  If you share a similar philosophy as us, “You want to go to work prepared and feeling confident.”

Our program is the cliff notes version for Urgent Care Providers.  We are aware there will always be new things you see, but our course covers the most common illnesses to get you READY.  This course prepares providers to walk in ready to start on Day 1.

If you have already accepted a position to work in Urgent Care, you could alert your new employer of this course and see if they will assist in paying for it.  This website also provides information on how the course helps the Urgent Care Owners by having their new employees go through this course.

You can take the course at any time in any place.  All you have to do is log-in on our site and get started.  You can log-in from your computer, smart phone, tablet or other mobile device.  It is that simple to begin learning today.


  • Urgent Care is currently a hot bed for providers, new and existing alike.
  • Gone are the days of the primary doctors as Urgent Care Centers are the wave of the future.  Primary Care Doctors are unable to compete with the convenience of Urgent Care Centers of their patient population.
  • Urgent Care pays at prevailing rates.
  • Urgent Care hours are more convenient for providers than the Emergency room.
  • Urgent Care is a more convenial environment.
  • Urgent Care is brings less stress than it’s alternatives.
  • Allows for more time with the family.
  • Actionable course to prepare you!
  • Are you preparing yourself to enter to ever growing area of Urgent Care.  If so, there are may considerations to first put into place.  Urgent Care Providers are growing at record numbers.  Considering entering the field or transitioning your skills?  Then how can you do so?  And how do you prepare.
  • Ongoing education and resources to keep your skills up.  As we all know medicine undergoes a constant metamorphasis.  With new treatment plans, new diagnoses,..  Where are you most likely to see people who may be undergoing symptoms of these changes? And how will you be prepared to diagnose the actual emergencies?
  • Are you intimidated with entering or transitioning into a new area of expertise?
  • We provide ongoing support through our forums, private FB groups and this is all part of a very reasonably priced continued plan.