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You can view the topics below and learn the red flags associated with each of the critical subject areas in Urgent Care.  There are 13 online training videos which will teach the most common conditions in Urgent Care.  These Evidence based videos are designed specifically for Urgent Care Providers.  And you can learn online at your own pace from any device and any location!

Here is a glimpse of the course offerings:


                 Reviews the most common conditions associated with Cardiology in the Urgent Care Setting.  Evidence based and teaches the Red Flags to be aware of when patients present.


Covers the typical diseases and diagnoses associated with Pulmonology as seen in Urgent Care.


Discussion, Diagnosis and Treatment of most common conditions associated with Orthopedics in Urgent Care.


Be aware of the typical diseases patients present with in Urgent Care for gastrointestinal issues.


Neurological symptoms can be tricky but be ready for the high school football player who suffered a head trauma.  This is one sample of what you may be seeing in Urgent Care.


What to look for and how to treat patients with dermatology issues whether it is a burn, rash or other issue.


One of our most revered topic in Urgent Care as children are a large part of our patient population.


Yes, psychiatry is covered here as well.  You will see patients present with psychological symptoms on occasion and need to be ready.


And ENT is another common area of conditions seen in the Urgent Care.  Prepare yourself with what to look for and how to treat ENT patients.


What we see matters when a patient presents with eye issues.  Be ready for the patients who appear with damage to they eyes.


This is another common subject area in the Urgent Care.  Patients may present with UTI’s, STDs,….  Be prepared.


And of course we need to include ethics and how to be sensitive to our patient population.