VAPING (Dispelling the Rumors!) Well, vaping has taken over the national and local headlines as of late.  There are many rumors as to who and what is responsible for the current outbreak.  Whether it is the e-cigarette companies or "street" vaping products. Answer:  Common sense is they could each be responsible for the current pulmonary [...]

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Cyclosporiasis (Keep an eye out)! There has been an increase in cyclosporiasis in the United States.  Let's briefly discuss what cyclosporiasis is, how to diagnose, and the treatment.  According to the CDC, Cyclosporiasis is an intestinal illness caused by the microscopic parasite Cyclospora cayetanensis. People can become infected with Cyclospora by consuming food or water contaminated with [...]

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Tick Bites in the Summer

As the summer continues and the hot weather prevails, tick bites become more common.  With better weather, people are more likely to be outdoors.  Many people enjoy walking in the parks, hiking, biking, among other outdoor activities. Important considerations when a patient presents with tick.  As we all are aware, ticks are known to carry [...]

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Wait…Is Sunscreen Bad For You?

Is it really possible that sunscreen can be bad for you?  Well,... An article this month in JAMA caused an uproar in communities around the United States regarding the safety of sunscreen. So what are the facts: The 24 randomized participants tried 4 types of sunscreen applying it maximally, which is every 2 hours x [...]

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Influenza 2018-2019 – A Stark Report

INFLUENZA UPDATE 2018-2019 – A Stark Report If you haven’t already heard, Bill Gates is predicting upwards of 33 million people could die from the flu in 6 months.  This is a staggering number considering modern medicine. What is happening and why the change? The globalized world. People are traveling from all crevices of the [...]

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