With this PRACTICAL URGENT CARE COURSE, you can brush up on your skills or get prepared to begin your new career on a high note.  There are no courses out there that have broken down the material in this fashion.  Rather than learning the nuances, focus your time and energy in learning the most commonly seen conditions.  Dr. Yehl has the knowledge base and understands what you need to know.  She has spent her time and energy developing this course to meet the needs of new providers.  The Urgent Care Crash Course will give you the competence to begin seeing patients on the first day.

You do not have to go through hours and hours of material because Dr. Yehl has already been there and done that.  Once you have mastered the skills of this course, you can begin to grow your knowledge base having the building blocks in place.

Trust us, the education you will receive from taking this course will rapidly improve your ability to treat patients with confidence.  As an added bonus, you can get CME credits for taking the course.