Influenza Update 2016

Influenza Update 2016 Season Many may not know there are changes this year regarding vaccination, we will no longer use the nasal spray. The reason for this as it was found to have decreased efficacy by the CDC therefore the new recommendation is for injection only. Wasn’t INCREASED efficacy why we were using the nasal [...]

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Avoiding the Overwhelm

With this PRACTICAL URGENT CARE COURSE, you can brush up on your skills or get prepared to begin your new career on a high note.  There are no courses out there that have broken down the material in this fashion.  Rather than learning the nuances, focus your time and energy in learning the most commonly [...]

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Urgent Care Crash Course…Note to Providers

Urgent Care is a burgeoning industry with many great reasons for providers to begin or transition into a this arena.  We believe this course is the starting point for beginning such a career.  We have drilled down the information to the most common conditions seen in the Urgent Care setting.  This allows new and transitioning [...]

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