Updates in Urgent Care…”Year in Review.”

Updates in Urgent Care "Year in Review." As we are all aware, medicine is constantly in flux and we have found the following updates to clinical practice applicable in the world of Urgent Care.  These updates are offered as informational and could have changed at the time you read these or before our post and [...]

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Clinical Medicine Updates From 2016 and the Impact on Urgent Care

HERE ARE SOME CHANGES THAT OCCURRED IN CLINICAL MEDICINE THROUGH THE YEAR 2016   -Intranasal Flu vaccine (live attenuated virus) no longer recommended for prevention of influenza.   -For patients who are asymptomatic and present with hypertensive urgency, BPs of systolic >180, diastolic >110, there is no proven benefit of rapid reduction of BP.  [...]

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Holiday Health Tips

  HOLIDAY SEASON IS HERE - LET'S PRACTICE SAFE HABITS TO KEEP HEALTHY  Take some of our tips to decrease your likelihood of getting sick!  Even better, share this list with the people around you to better protect yourself from the cold and flu. Here are some practical tips that we believe will help you [...]

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Zika Update Fall 2016

Zika virus What is Zika virus? Zika a viral disease transmitted by a mosquito, but also through other contacts. The symptoms that occur include fever, skin rash, conjunctivitis, headache, fatigue and joint pain. The symptoms occur a few days to a week after exposure and last for less than a week. The main issue with [...]

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