“We believe in developing evidence based material that is not only practical but easily translates to the practice of medicine.  Further, we wish to deliver this promise through on-demand systems making it easy for our users to get educated!”™

Clinical Medicine Educational Series, LLC has been created to help ease medical providers in the transition into clinical medicine.  More specifically, our goal is to provide a service that enlightens providers in a practical fashion.  As we all know, medicine has commonalities.

The Urgent Care Crash Course was originally designed to teach newcomers of the most common illnesses encountered in the Urgent Care setting.  However, we have found that many active providers are purchasing the course to brush up on their skills.

Our goal is to help new providers obtain a head start in the transition on DAY NUMBER 1 of their urgent care position.  We know that once you have reviewed these materials, you will understand this course is exactly what you need.  This course has been designed by a Doctor practicing in Urgent Care.

NOW, let’s meet the teacher:

Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, DO, CNM, FNP, MSNDr.-MaryAnn-Yehl (1)

Dr. Yehl is a Physician working in Urgent Care.  She has been in the practice of medicine in different capacities for 20 years.  She has developed this course through her time working in Medicine.  She began her career in medicine after graduating from Boston College with a RN License.  She then decided this degree did not fulfill her desire and continued her education amassing a dual degree as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Certified Nurse Practitioner.  After practicing a year in this capacity, Dr. Yehl felt she could have a greater impact in medicine.  This is when she decided to attend medical school.  For more on Dr. Yehl, click here for her resume.

Dr. Yehl created this educational series because of her experience as someone who transitioned into Urgent Care.  After spending hours and hours reading and studying typical diagnoses in the Urgent Care Setting, Dr. Yehl became determined to assist others in creating a smooth transition.  Whether you are a doctor transitioning into Urgent Care or a NP new grad or a PA, this course is designed specifically for you.  Dr. Yehl knows and understands how daunting it can be to begin or make a career change and what the learning curve is.

Dr. Yehl has been where you are and is ready to provide you with the skills and expertise to help you succeed.  She developed this course on her own time to help newcomers be better prepared because she was aware of the need for something practical.  This course offers the Essential Building Blocks to transition into Urgent Care.  This course is designed for anyone who is starting a new position in the field of Urgent Care.

In past positions, Dr. Yehl has trained Doctors, N.Ps and PAs.  She is aware of what each provider should know beginning on their first day.  She has spent many hours developing this series to help not only providers but Owners of Urgent Care Facilities.  This hands on approach teaches the providers how to get on track from Day 1.

As such, it is important that Urgent Care Owners are aware of this program since it is a natural stepping stone for providers to be ready from the start.  It will allow them to begin Day 1 and be efficient rather than spending time researching diagnoses.  We all know that time is money and this course offering will pay for itself on the first day the provider is on-site based on reimbursement and patient load.  Again, if your provider is as ready as possible on day 1, he/she will be able to see more patients in addition to properly diagnosing them.

This will help the Urgent Care Center build as a business as long wait times will be minimized.  Further, a properly trained medical professional who is confident will resonate with patients.  This can only help the Urgent Care facilities succeed.  As a Director of a Urgent Care Center, Dr. Yehl is well aware of all aspects of a successful Urgent Care.  This course can help educate the providers on the importance of timely and respectful care for the patients.

This course meets the many needs for new providers and organizations and is a can’t miss opportunity.  Dr. Yehl’s approach not only teaches the most common conditions encountered but the social setting with the patient and how to behave with patients.