“Urgent Care CME.  Practical Streamlined Training for Clinical Professionals Covering The Most Common Conditions in Urgent Care!”™

Need to brush up on your skills?  Or are you a new or transitioning provider entering Urgent Care?

This Urgent Care CME is great for DRs, NPs, PAs, Residents, Students and anyone considering Moonlighting in Urgent Care!


We finally have some Clarity and Evidence regarding the Long Haul Symptoms!

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    Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, Board Member of College of Urgent Care Medicine (CUCM).

    Practical On-Demand Course Highlights:

    • Comes with Complimentary “PDF” Workbook!

    • Brush up on Skills or Get ready for your career with a MANAGEABLE 6 hours of Training,

    • Alleviate the Overwhelm of Voluminous Medical Treatises (Dr. Yehl has drilled it down for you),

    • Focus on the MOST COMMON CONDITIONS seen daily in Urgent Care,

    • Training Videos of 11 CRITICAL SUBJECTS in Urgent Care plus 2 bonus videos,

    • Amazing Evidence Based material will assist new and existing providers to diagnose and treat properly,

    • Be prepared for the RED FLAGS when patients present,

    And you can do this on your own time, in your own environment, and from any device!

    If you need to brush up on your skills or are new to Urgent Care, this is a great place to begin!


    Quickly gain the confidence and skills necessary to continue with or prepare you for your career in Urgent Care.

    The Urgent Care Crash Course is a primer of the most common ailments seen in the Urgent Care setting.

    Avoid the overwhelm of knowledge and educational materials.  This practical course was developed with precision to prepare providers with:

    • the most necessary skills by focusing on common conditions seen everyday in the Urgent Care World.

    • Be able to spot the red flags of dangerous conditions during your initial exam.  

    • Learn the basics first and then gain the additional skills and knowledge.


    This course is designed specifically for providers involved in the challenging world of Urgent Care.

    We provide education to Doctors, Residents, Nurse Practitioners, Doctors of Nursing Protocol, Physician Assistants, ans Students in our On-Demand Learning Center.


    If you have or are in the process of hiring new medical providers, this course is a must have.

    Get your new providers up to speed quickly and be more efficient.

    This CME Approved Urgent Care Preparatory Course will:

    Train new employees to be adept in UC on the first day and

    • Save the organization time and money in training,

    • Have competent staff members beginning on Day 1,

    • Alleviate long wait times with competent providers,

    • Allow for happier customers with fast and efficient care!

    The course is designed by Dr. Yehl, a Physician in an Urgent Care Facility, who has spent countless hours developing a course that will improve providers knowledge, prepare them for what to expect and teach them bedside manner.


    The first job that I took as a nurse practitioner was at an urgent care center. I relied heavily on guidelines and phone calls to my collaborating doctor to get me through the first few months of my new career. What I could not find was a clear, concise course that identified the most commonly seen and treated diseases at an urgent care center. The Urgent Care Crash Course is exactly that. It focuses on the most commonly seen complaints, focused assessments, and common treatment plans across all systems. Most helpful, it identifies the red flags of these conditions and when to direct the patient to a higher level of care. Thank you, Dr. Mary Ann Yehl, for putting this course together. I recommend it for anyone starting a new career in urgent care.

    Caitlin Vainojoe, FNP

    Caitlyn Vainoje, IMCare

    Urgent Care Crash Course offers an accessible quick review of relevant topics essential when evaluating Urgent Care patients. I love the fact that it is broken down into manageable chunks that can be easily viewed while commuting on the train or bus.  Each lecture topic includes a concise overview, diagnosis, treatment and red flags.  You can easily go through this entire course and be ready to hit the ground running over the course of a long weekend. I highly recommend this crash course for any clinician interested in transitioning to a position in Urgent Care.

    Colleen Eng, DO, Family Physician (Columbia Health)

    Colleen Eng, DO, Columbia University Health

    Mary Ann has created this course that covers the most common and important medical conditions in Urgent Care.  The material is succint and a great resource for any medical providers considering a career in Urgent Care.  Further, the course provides clear recommendations when patients present with a need for a higher level of care.  The videos point out the red flags in the dangerous situations.  I unequivocally recommend this course.

    Tamara O’Dell, DO

    Tamara O'Dell, DO, O'Dell Family Practice LLC

    I have known Mary Ann for years.  I am working in an ER in South Carolina.  Mary Ann requested I review the content of her course.  After my review, I must say this course is an excellent resource for anyone considering a move into Urgent Care.  It covers the Nuts and Bolts of what medical providers will need to know walking into the Urgent Care setting on their first day.  Mary Ann has always been diligent and this course is no exception.  Great job Mary Ann.

    Lindsay Tjiattas-Salewski, DO, MBA, Board Certified ER



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